Friday, July 15, 2011

Marriage, sickness, job changes & new life

So many things are happening at once. Since Ray's mom has been diagnosed with cancer, she has gone downhill so fast. They say it could be days, but she keeps hanging on...I pray that we will have her around for a long time yet, and they will be without much pain.

Emily and the baby are doing fine. She is due September 30th, and that day is approaching fast.

Ray and I were married on July 9th at his mother's house. It was important that his mother was with us, so the wedding was actually mostly planned by his sisters and family in one day. I bought myself, Emily and Olivia clothes to wear, and everything else was all done for us. It was a very small, simple ceremony, and I wouldn't have changed a thing. They even bought us a beautiful cake and made me a bouquet. It was an amazing day.

Ray has mentioned many times that he would like me to quit my job and stay home. So yesterday was my last day at work. I love knowing that I can be home now to take care of the house and Ray and the kids. I really prefer to be at home instead of working, and it feels good.

Now that I can be home to take care of everything, I am sitting her looking around and realize that I need to get this house in order. So I have made a list of things to do today, and when I finish typing this, I'll get started. I WILL NOT procrastinate!!!

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