Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kitchen Makeover ~ I Picked a Wall Color

After mentioning redoing our kitchen to my husband many times, he has finally agreed to let me loose in there with a paint brush, bless his heart.

We live in a 3-bedroom mobile home, which my husband's mother bought in probably the mid-70's. Not much in the way of updating has been done in most of the home, probably the only thing being the replacement of the orange shag carpet in the living room, so the kitchen cabinets, flooring, walls, light fixtures, etc....are all original. Dark brown cabinets, brown tile, and some kind of Early American wallpaper/paneling. 

Here is what we will be working with:

What I am planning to do first, is to get the cabinets painted white and paint over the patterned wall covering. The fridge is fairly new, and we bought the stove when we moved in, and just recently my husband bought me a dishwasher, so the appliances will be staying.

In the foreground, the island is carpeted on the side facing the living room. What I am planning to do with that is to take off the carpeting, and put up white bead board wainscoting, which I will carry over to the dining area wall.

Here is the opposite side of the kitchen:

Wow, I didn't realize just how much BROWN is everywhere, ha!

On the right side, is a little wall divider. I am planning on covering the bottom with the white wainscoting, and carrying that across the whole wall. Then paint the top half of the wall. 

I will also eventually get rid of the mini blinds, add new curtains, and change the light fixture.

Here is one more shot of the wall divider:

I'm going to keep the divider, I just like it for some reason, and I think with the wainscoting, and painting the spindle and top area, it will look ok. Also, on the left, there is a panel of gold plastic, which I'm planning on taking out, and hanging one of those big colored glass sun-catcher panels.

Also, I would love to eventually redo the floor in a dark mahogany laminate...but I know that probably will not get done for a long time.

So that is our little kitchen, as it sits today.

Like I said, my first priority is to get some paint up, and here is the general look that I envision for this space:


I absolutely LOVE how this color looks with the crisp white. The color is Spanish Olive by Glidden. Green has a calming effect on me....I can't really put it into just makes me feel good. It feels homey and warm and soothing and clean and fresh. When I look at my kitchen now, I can, in my mind, see this color on the walls, along with splashes of deep red/maroon for contrast, and black. Black for possibly the light fixtures and accent pieces.

Here are some other photos that are sources of inspiration for the vision I have in my mind.

The green walls, along with the dark red accent pieces...this is what my ultimate goal is. This is such a beautiful color combination. 

Again, loving the deep red and the addition of black.

Pinned Image
Deep red accent pieces

Sea Gull Lighting 3123
Simple hanging light fixture for above the this!

Beadboard Medium Density Fiberboard Wainscot, Chair Rail and Base Molding
This is the bead board wainscoting that I want to use.

Love the rich mahogany flooring

So there we have it....quite the project ahead of me. So while I sit here watching the blizzard that we are getting right now...I am more anxious than ever for spring to get here, so that I can get started painting and begin this very big project. It's so exciting, and very intimidating, ha....but we'll take it one step at a time, and enjoy seeing the transformation. Because half the fun is getting there, right? ;)

I welcome any comments, advice, ideas or thoughts that you may have....and I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week.  :)

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  1. Jackie, I love the little boxes you redid!! The green/red and black colors look great together. I love love the little green desk you pictured!

    I am stopping by via the Linky Follower Hop. If you get a chance stop by my blog and follow if you like :)

  2. Hi Debbie...thank you for stopping by and for the nice compliments. I visited your blog and am now following you as well. Have a great day!

  3. Hi Jackie,

    I love the colors that you have chosen for your kitchen. And I love your inspiration. I have my room chosen but not all of my ideas or inspiration yet. I hope to be blogging about it one day this week. I came across your blog at Vintage Revivals and just wanted to say hello and that I'm looking forward to seeing your updates to your kitchen as you go. Have fun.


  4. those colors are amazing!! good luck in all of your efforts. and love the "bless his heart". i just love it!

  5. Jackie, I also live in a home where brown paneling rules. :-) My kitchen is brown, brown, brown! I love the colors you picked out for yours. I found you through Vintage Revivals:FFA Challenge #1. I'm looking forward to following the transformation of your kitchen. Happy Easter!

  6. I think you will be so happy with the results! My mom finally painted the paneling in her family room and the transformation is incredible. I was reading another blog whose kitchen maybe looks a little bit like what you're thinking of: Happy decorating!

  7. I think you will be so happy with the results! My mom finally painted the paneling in her family room and the transformation is incredible. I was reading another blog whose kitchen maybe looks a little bit like what you're thinking of: Happy decorating!

  8. Hi Jackie- Just found your blog.
    I love seeing how people have changed up the look of mobile homes with just a little paint and ingenuity. If you have a Lowes near by you could check there for Ooops! Paint. It's usually only about $5 bucks and it could go a long way to brightening up the paneling.
    I like the colors you've picked for you kitchen. The link that was left above - has a remarkably same foot print of your kitchen. So I can surely envision it now.

    have fun with it.
    came here via Funkyjunks SNS #129

    take care , Pat


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