Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Eucerin & Orange Glo

My 4-month old grandson started developing a red rash recently. It was mostly on his back and the back of his neck. It was raised red blotches, and looked very dry. Since my daughter and I hadn't changed anything we were using for him like laundry soap or any kind of bath time stuff, she asked about it when he went in to his doctor for shots. He told her it was eczema, and said to used baby oil on it twice a day, or baby lotion. 

Well we tried the baby oil, but no matter how little we used, he ended up a slippery mess and it was getting all over his clothes...not to mention that it didn't seem to be helping his skin at all.

Then we tried Johnson's Baby Lotion. His skin must have been very irritated, because he would cry when we put it on his back....I'm guessing something in the lotion was burning when we applied it. Again, it really did nothing to help the rash.

A day or so later she went back for a follow-up to the doctor, and this time he suggested using Eucerin and also prescribed something if that didn't work. He also mentioned that if we filled the prescription, to not used much of it, because of some of the ingredients it contained. Well that put me off right away.

Anyway...she bought a bottle of Eucerin on the way home...and she used it twice a day for about 2 or 3 days. His skin cleared right up. The raised splotches went away and his back is smooth and clear now and does not look dry in the least. He has his baby smooth skin back! We're still using it once a day, or every other day, but the difference is amazing.

I will definitely be buying this from now on for myself. Not getting paid by their company for this review...I just like to let others know when I find a product I love!
Eucerin Original Moisturizing Lotion

Another product that I have recently been using again is Orange Glo. This is a wood cleaner and polisher. I have used this for a while on wood tables, etc...and really love how it polishes and shines the wood, not to mention how great it smells.

Around Christmas time...I also discovered another use for this product that I don't know if people are aware of. I know I wasn't.

Around the same time that Christmas cards were arriving in our mailbox, I discovered the wonderful product know as glue dots. Yea...the little round sticky things used for crafting and scrapbooking and whatnot. Well I ran out of surface space for displaying the cards, so I decided...hey, won't these cards look cute if I stick them to my mirrors. Well they stuck. And they looked cute. And were impossible to get off. Oh I got the cards off the mirrors after Christmas, but each place I had a glue dot, it stayed in place on the mirror, along with part of the card. Ugh. I tried to pull it off. I tried to scrape it with my nail. I tried to scrape it off with a razor. I tried glass cleaner, all-purpose cleaner and holding hot, wet rags on the glue. The glue just spread. I left the mess for a couple days, debating whether I should just throw out the mirrors and hang other stuff on the wall.

Then, as I was looking thru my cleaning supplies...there sat the Orange Glo. I grabbed the bottle and sprayed a little bit on a dry cleaning rag, and rubbed over one of the glue globs. Oh saints be praised....it completely removed the glue within seconds!!! It left an oily film on the mirror, but that too came right off with glass cleaner and paper towel. Every trace of glue was gone and the mirrors were like new!

Now, if there is a sticky label on a jar or glass or whatever, I remove what I can with hot water, and use the Orange Glo and the sticky actually slides right off of the surface. Speaking of slide...the one thing that I don't suggest using Orange Glo on is kitchen tile. I accidentally got some overspray on the floor one day, and we could have charged admission to skate in our kitchen...VERY slippery!

Again..not getting paid for this review...just another product I love!

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