Saturday, February 18, 2012

Simple Jar Candle Craft

I've been seeing a lot of crafts on Pinterest for jar candles that people make, so I wanted to make a quick, easy one.

I need to get into the habit of taking more photos at different stages in whatever project I'm working on, but for this here are the things I used:

An empty pickle jar with cover
Homemade Mod Podge made from half Elmer's glue & half water
A few book pages
A 1-inch foam brush
Matte black spray paint
Wet paper towel
Small bit of raffia
Glue dot
Votive candle

I already had the jar in my cabinet, so that was already clean and ready to use. I spray painted the lid black (and forgot to take a photo)

Then I found 3 book pages I wanted to use, and just kind of eyeballed how wide the pieces needed to be. I used the side of a ruler to tear all 4 sides of each piece of paper so the edge was sort of straight but still had the torn edge look.

I glued down the pieces of paper and painted another coat over the pages to seal them. I used a wet paper towel to wipe up any excess glue that was on the jar, then let it dry for about 30 minutes.

Using a glue dot, I attached a small raffia bow to the top of the jar.

A little votive candle that I had laying around the house was added...and that was it! This was a quick, simple fun little project, and it looks so cute on my shelf.

I will be making more of these...I'm thinking for the kitchen with some old pages out of a cookbook, I could used 3 different size jars and corral them with some cording or raffia, and it would make a nice centerpiece on the table.

Here are a couple photos of the finished project:

 Thanks for looking...and I hope everyone has a great day.
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  1. Super Cute!! Stopping over via the blog hop! So nice to meet you! New follower :)


  2. Thank you so much Lindsey! I stopped by your blog, and am now following you as well. Have a great day!



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