Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Today's Agenda ~ 2/26/13

Got up today and had a couple cups of coffee. Then let Aiden play and run around till he got tired about 11 o'clock. Now I'm ready to start today's cleaning:

Pick up toys and misc that Aiden drug out
Straighten and wipe off tabletops and kitchen counter
Empty dishwasher and reload it with stuff in sink
Refill pet dishes
Clean cat litter
Load of laundry
Wipe down bathroom sink and toilet, sweep bathroom
Sweep kitchen
Vacuum living room, hall and bedroom
Mop kitchen, hall and bathroom floors
Feather dust surfaces in whole house
Clean out, organize and wipe down cabinet above toaster, the baking cabinet and the cabinets below the island
Clean oven
Organize and wipe down the outside of refrigerator
Spend 15 minutes decluttering the living room and bedroom
Spend 5 minutes straightening up the kitchen and bathroom

I'll get maybe half of this done before Aiden wakes up from his nap, then I'll get his lunch ready and do a little more while he's eating.

By that time the kids will be home from school.

I'm hoping around 12:30 I can get started on the stew that I planned to make for supper.

After Ray gets home from work and I get his supper for him, I'll have time then to finish what ever I didn't have time for.

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