Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kitchen Makeover ~ Update 1

Happy Sunday everyone!

Wow it's been a while since I posted anything. My husband and I started our kitchen makeover and I've been terrible with time management since we started. I'm going to have to start organizing my days better so I have time for painting, cleaning, cooking AND blogging.

As I said, we started our kitchen makeover, and it is going slowly....and that is fine. We don't have any set date when we want things to be finished, so we just do some here and there as time and weather allows.

One of the major changes we are making is to paint our dark, 1970's cabinets...white.
This intimidates me to no end, so I decided to start with something easier, the opposite side of the kitchen, which is the little dining table area.
Here is a before shot:

It's very...uh....brown.
Everything is original. Ray's mom purchased the mobile home brand new back in 1974, I believe it was, and there were not many changes made. Original paneling, windows, flooring, lighting, cabinets...pretty much everything in the kitchen with the exception of the refrigerator and stove were original when we moved in.
And surprisingly....everything is in really good condition. 
But like I's brown, and from the 1970's.

So here is where we pretty much are today:

It was not in our budget to re-drywall, so I filled the grooves in the paneling, and primed and painted the top portion of the wall. You can see the rough joint from where 2 sections of paneling met on the right side, but other than that, the wall came out pretty smooth, and with the decor and things that will be up on the wall, it won't be all that noticeable. 
Also, the color is much prettier than it is showing up. We have had no sunshine for DAYS, and I can't use a camera properly, so it is what it is...haha!
I got the paint at Walmart, it's called Spanish Olive, and I got it in a satin finish. I just love it!
Here is a closer shot of the wall in contrast with the wainscoting:

Ah the wainscoting!
I have always loved this stuff.
I painted all of it in a bright white, semi-gloss, and it has made such a difference in the room already.
I bought it from Home Depot's website.
I was VERY happy with Home Depot. Ordering was easy, shipping was within like 3 days, and nothing was damaged upon arrival. If we are in need of other supplies, etc that we can't purchase in town, I will definitely be ordering from them again.
PLUS....if you spend over $45, shipping is FREE! So I saved about $56 on shipping.
Happy dance!
It was $46.00 a bundle...each bundle came with an 8-foot baseboad, an 8-foot chair rail, and enough of the bead board planks to cover 8 feet.
I bought 4 bundles....and it was enough to cover the entire side of the kitchen, plus the little partition that we boxed in on the right side of this photo:

and we had enough to cover the living room side of the island.

Originally, according to my husband, the side of the island was carpeted with orange shag carpeting, which used to be through the entire living room (oh my), and was later carpeted with the blue/grey which we still have in the living room.
After tearing the carpet off the island, we discovered....surprise...more brown paneling:

(My daughter.
I tell her not to act a fool when I'm taking pictures, because I WILL use them.
She doesn't listen.)

Here is the island after Ray put up the wainscoting (this still needs to be painted white):

What I still need to do to the dining area wall:
Put up corner molding and ceiling trim.
Find a narrow strip of molding that will match to put directly under the window.
Paint window frame (white)
Stencil wall on left side.
Put up new outlets, switches, switch plates.
Hang curtains.
Decide on and hang wall decor.

 So far this has been a lot of fun. Every day we work on it, it changes and looks better, even though it is a slow process.
I'll take more photos as we progress..and post another update soon.

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Your walls look amazing! I just love the transformation. When you tackle your cupboards please let me know how you do them as I have dark brown cupboards and want to redo them white as well but am also intimidated by the project - lol :)

  2. Oh, I had the exact same issue...with my whole house! When we bought it, it had that 70's wood paneling in Every. Single. Room. Kitchen not excluded. Painting my cabinets was one of the best decisions I ever made. (Actually, my MIL painted them. She likes to paint, and I don't, so that was a lovely gift!) Here's the post where I put up my before and after pictures, if you'd like an idea of how it turned out:

  3. Wow your kitchen is looking better already! Thats a smart idea to fill in the paneling holes- anything to save money is a do in my book. Great work!

  4. Hello Jackie,
    Amazing! Your changes so far in your kitchen are awesome. I love your new look. Thanks for sharing. ;o)
    Smiles, Paula

  5. Dear Jackie,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway. We've been doing our kitchen over as well...we just finished painting the walls and the cupboards...and now I am going to tackle painted the laminate countertop to look like granite. I'm excited about this...I've seen it done a couple times and it looks really great.

    Have a wonderful day,

  6. You guys are doing awesome work at updating your home, love the colors you've chosen, and ya can't go wrong with beadboard, I've been using beadboard in my home to cover up ugly tile on the walls.Anywho great work can't wait to see the finished rooms :)


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