Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cookie Cutter Soaps

Here's another quick, reeeeeally inexpensive little crafty thing I did the other day....cookie cutter soaps!
This would be fun to get the kids involved in too.

What I started with was: Three bars of Palmolive soap from the dollar store (all three were only a dollar!!), and a hand grater...also from the dollar store.

I laid down a sheet of waxed paper on my counter, and grated the soap. I used the smaller side for a finer grate, and I also did some on the larger side for a coarser grate.
The coarser grate gave a little more textures to the finished soaps.

Once I had all the soap grated, I lifted up the edges of the waxed paper, and poured the soap into a bowl.
Then I added just a little sprinkling of water, just enough to make the soap flakes stick together, but not enough to get it mushy.

I dug through my plastic cookie cutters, and found the smaller ones that I had.

Here's where the kids can start getting involved.
I think kids would like this because it's messy play, but it's SOAP, so it's clean.

On the same sheet of waxed paper I put down a cookie cutter, then took little handfuls of the soap flakes, and started packing them into the cookie cutter, pressing down firmly so that the flakes would stick together.
When I had the cookie cutter full, I slowly pushed the soap 'bar' out of the cutter.

If you wanted, you could even just shape them into balls.

When all of the soaps were made, I left them on my counter on a plate for about a day for them to completely harden before they were used.

Out of the 3 bars of soap, I got 14 little shaped soaps.
I like to have little bars of soap next to the bathroom sink instead of the huge bath sized bars, or they can be just used as decorative by placing them on a cute plate or in a dish.

These would be cute to make as a gift too, or to put in a bath-themed gift basket.

Total cost for this craft: $2.00.

This also smelled WONDERFUL as I was making them.
My grandma must have used this soap, because as soon as I smelled it, I thought of her.

Have you ever smelled something and it made you think of someone, or brought back a memory?

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. What a great idea. I am pinning that to my "Crafts to Do" board :)

  2. Oh wow! That is the perfect "mommy and me" craft.

  3. Great idea! And I know what you mean about smells making you think of a person or memory. My grandpa used to use the pink soap...I think it's dove. But every time I smell it I think of him :)

  4. How neat! So glad to have you at Things I've Done Thursday!

  5. Cute idea jackie!
    I bet that soap sure smelled good while you were working too!
    Thanks for linking up to the Creative Inspirations Party at Embracing Change!
    So happy you were here!


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