Sunday, March 11, 2012

iPiccy Online Photo Editor

Since I've been taking more photos lately to post on my blog, I was in need of a photo editing where I could resize, crop and tweak my photos.

I've also read on a lot of people's blogs how their beloved Picnik will no longer be available. Having never used Picnik, I can't compare to it, but what I have been using is very simple, has a wide variety of options for photos and doesn't require you to download anything.

I've been using iPiccy online photo editor, and so far I love it. Two things that I liked right away is first, like I said, it is very easy, and doesn't change your original photo. Once you make changes, you name it, decide where to save it, and your original photo stays unchanged in it's original folder.

With iPiccy you can crop, resize, change hue and saturation, change and enhance colors, retouch, add text, and apply many different effects.

Below are some of the photo effects that can be achieved. I chose this photo because it has a lot of bright colors, and you can see what  kind of changes can be made to the human face.

Here is another photo, and I applied the HDR photo effect on it:

I'm still looking around for other photo editors, but for now this one has everything I need. I've also seen that people have been blogging about PicMonkey, but have not yet checked this one out.

Have you found something that you like better, something with more features? Let me know in a comment, I love hearing from you.

Have a great day!

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