Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Favorites #1 ~ Book Page Crafts & Ideas

One of my favorite things to look for on Pinterest lately are book page crafts, or crafts using old book pages.

There are so many things you can do with book of my favorite looks being decoupage. Is there anything you can't cover with them? I've seen so many creative projects using this technique.

Another plus with doing this type of project is it is very inexpensive. All you need is an object to cover, a book, scissors, Mod Podge or a homemade version of it (1 cup water to 1 cup Elmer's glue) and a small brush.

A quick little craft I made using book pages can be found HERE.

Here are some of my favorite things I've seen using book pages:

Covered cake pedestal

Book page rose

Flower wreath, framed clock keys & wall canvas

Tea light candle holders
Tea Light Jars Candle Holders Vintage Wedding or Party Favors

Book letters

Heart garland

Bird ornament

Book page envelope for gifts

Book page lined shelf
Pinned Image

Book page trees

Framed dictionary prints

Book page table

Those are just some of the many awesome things that can be done with just a simple book page. Definitely going to be trying out a few of these myself.

Have a wonderful day, and feel free to leave a comment. :)

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  1. Jackie... Thank you for stopping by my blog and suggesting your photo editing tool. I've already checked it out and think I'll like it a lot!
    I'm also loving your Pinterest inspiration... Wonderful Stuff!
    Have a great weekend!


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