Wednesday, March 7, 2012

(not so) Special K(at)

So earlier this morning, I'm sitting in the living room, and I hear something hit the floor in the kitchen. I look up and over towards the one is there. So I get up to see what it could have been. 
This is what I see when I get there:

Now no one is in the room, so I immediately start taking inventory of the animals. 

Zeus is still on the couch, apparently too busy watching tv to have done it.

Cosmo is too fat to jump that high, and has not yet gotten out of bed today.

I start looking for my other cat, Diego. I don't see him wandering around anywhere, so I go to look in his favorite sleeping spot...under my dresser. Since I was too lazy to get down on my knees to see if he was there...I just kind of held the camera down and snapped a photo. I look at the photo....nothing.
(no idea what kind of junk that is under there...I'll deal with that later)

It's not until I walk back into the living room, that I see him.
Laying under my coffee table, giving me a dirty look.
He apparently hightailed it out of the kitchen after knocking down the Special K and tried to act as if he hadn't done anything wrong.
I'll be watching him.

So now I can go sweep up the mess and .....heeeeeeeyyyy....wait a minute.....

Oh YAY.......COUPONS!!!!

And how was YOUR morning??  :)

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